Our Values


We believe it is important to address problems that are less tangible as healthy and proper development of children.


Our attitude towards children is like that of a father or a mother first and foremost responsibility and warmth.


We are convinced that the most important help you can receive a child is in training preparing it with all the skills to succeed in life.


We make no distinction of gender, color, or national origin of children; These factors need not interfere with the help they need.

The Organization

We are a nonprofit organization devoted to help children with any kind of learning difficulties (underdeveloped learning skills, emotional problems, motor skills, etc.).

Our primary target is prevention. We carry out early detection and intervention to prevent child problems from affecting them, both emotionally (low self-esteem, rejection, frustration, etc.) as well as related to learning issues (academic lag or failure).

In Hayeladim Shelanu we look at each child as if he was our own son. Each and every decision is based on this principle.

In recent years there has been a great development in brain research. Recent studies have shown that the brain is flexible and can be molded and restructured [Greenough1] and also that learning can even change the brain structure.

The treatment consists of stimulating brain development through motor coordination exercises and simultaneous cognitive exercises (thinking, memory, etc.). This stimulation improves communication between brain functional centers and therefore improves general brain capacity.



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