For the organization and all staffHa Yeladim Shelanu:

I would like to express through this letter, although a road is definitely not enough, all the gratitude I feel in my heart for your help. I still remember that day when I call a close friend, to tell him that I was desperate: my 5 year old was acting very strangely and did not know what to do with it ...

I was desperate and I could not stand the situation.

Since I am a divorced woman, and also was unemployed at the time, my financial situation was very difficult could not afford any kind of therapy. My friend told me about the organization and decided to call. From the moment you contact me with Rabbi Ari Schoenfeld, my case was taken very seriously and began to thoroughly investigate to find out what kind of professional therapy and needed my child specifically. I remember thinking: wow! How much dedication. They were hours of phone calls, inquiries and also the constant emotional support they provided me. Eventually the Rab got a specialist in the case of my son, but I could not even pay half of the first session. I was overwhelmed and embarrassed. Rabbi Schoenfeld reassure me and tell me that the organization take care of all expenses, and that he had to feel sorry for it because they were, for help! And that for them it was a joy to help. I could not believe it. How much mesirus Nefesh! To this day, Rabbi Schoenfeld remains in contact with us to see how we are progressing and as my son. Is incredible.

This year, when I began the school year, I asked the teacher of my son as he had found it ... he was afraid of the answer but to my surprise, the teacher told me simply: "Look, I know you did this child during the holidays, but I was surprised for the better. It looks like another child! It's like ... it had flowered. "

What can I say? I am eternally grateful to the organization, Rabbi Schoenfeld and everyone involved in this wonderful project to help children of Israel. Hashem Bless everyone involved donating their time, money and knowledge to this important cause. They think that only helped my son; I know every generation helped to come out of it.

May Hashem bless them with success and blessing in every aspect of your life, that you be inscribed and sealed in the book promptly of the good life.

Shana Tova u Metuka!
Jerusalem, Elul 5762


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