During most of the 20th century, the general consensus among neuroscientists was that brain structure is relatively immutable after a critical period during early childhood.

This belief has been challenged by findings revealing that many aspects of the brain remain plastic (changeable) even into adulthood. That’s why in many cases stroke patients can recover lost functionalities like speech, walking ability, etc.

Neuroplasticity can be harnessed to help children with learning disabilities to develop their brains and reach normal or even exceed average capacity in school and social skills development.


Physical movement

When cognitive exercises are done together with physical exercise the result is multiplied since the brain is much more strongly stimulated. That allows modifying connections between existing neurons (connections become stronger) or even creating new connections via neurogenesis (creation of neurons or synapses).

The results with this technique show that in most cases children can be “reborn” in 3 months and show marked behavioral, social, and learning improvement.

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