Focusing on the future of our children (Hayeladim Shelanu)

Hayeladim Shelanu organization was founded in order to help our children improve their cognitive and academic abilities. 
We at the organization believe that helping our children develop their abilities is the first step toward their success in life. Giving the child the opportunity to advance opens a door to a wide world of possibilities. Treating the root of the problem can solve various and diverse problems that children of our generation face and even provide them with leverage in life. 

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What is the secret of our success?


The organization is accompanied by a team of expert consultants who participate by selecting tailor-made solutions with professionalism and care. 

Our team conducts periodic reviews of the treatment method and its effect on the patients, and the organization is constantly searching for the latest innovations in the world of neuroscience. 

The equipment employed by the organization is the best of its kind. The management of the organization constantly invests in the continuous refinement of the method and makes a tireless effort to develop the organization’s ability to spread the news and help our children change the course of their lives. 

The organization is made up of an endearing team with a huge heart that gives its soul for our children. To us, children come first, and their success is our success


We at the organization believe that money should not be the reason for not receiving help.
The organization makes a great effort to subsidize the treatments provided up to the minimum possible cost, in order to make it easier for parents, who are required to deal with significant financial expenses. 

The goals

Improving learning abilities

The assistance we make available to the public is globally unique. We constantly see cases in which children who had a particularly difficult time in school and were the weakest children in the class due to trouble with listening/concentration, reading problems, and much more. After the treatment, they became hardworking children who today reap achievements in their studies, and in some cases even became the most successful children in the class. 

Improving social abilities

From the extensive experience the organization has gained, improving the ability to study has a significant effect on the emotional state/social status of the child. Feeling valued and included in class fosters a sense of calm and confidence in the child. This positive behavioral effect is evident at school and at home with his family. 

Dropout prevention

Unfortunately, children with ADHD who are not properly treated, accumulate a continuous educational gap, which affects their academic and social status. These children experience a deep and continuous emotional pain which sometimes causes them to fall behind in the institutional systems and reach a situation where they drop out of the institutions. Investing in children in their prime years prevents the rolling snowball of entanglements and falls, and brings with it a blessing for all long-lasting years to come. 

The numbers behind our successes

Treatment stations in Israel and abroad
MOXO Assessment Sites
Children receiving help through the organization on average per year
Regional clinics throughout the Land of Israel
יו"ר ארגון "הילדים שלנו"

Chairman's word

Rabbi Ari Schoenfeld

I believe that life was not made for us to suffer. Life was created for us to develop and grow. 

A long time ago, I was exposed to a case in my immediate environment where I saw the process of a sweet child who grew up in a home of loving parents who expected their child to grow up to glory. But the academic and emotional difficulties that the boy encountered made it very difficult for him to integrate into society and his studies. In front of my eyes, I saw the deterioration that a cute boy and a good son underwent and then to a boy who went off the derech, became a disengaged boy, may G-d have mercy. 

I always had the wish to find solutions for these children. Over the years, in this search, I met amazing people who, by the grace of heaven, helped us use unique and innovative methods in order to prevent these children from dropping out of school. 


Training our brain is a wonderful thing. As with human muscle training, lifting a 50 gram weight 100 times is not the same as lifting a 5 kilogram weight 100 times. Regarding the spiritual, emotional and intellectual world of the human being, if there were no difficulties we would not develop the special “muscles” that we got from heaven to fulfill our role in this world. 

In the Hayeladim Shelanu organization we have had the privilege of seeing time and again how children, young people or adults who had lost all hope, who were shrouded in the darkness that difficulties and complications imply, came forward. And not only this, but also they surprised us all with incredible abilities and talents that were hidden inside them, silently waiting for the day to come when they could come out into the world and they could take advantage of them and enjoy them, and consequently thank G-d for all the good and goodness that he gives us incessantly. 

I take this opportunity to thank all those who make possible the work of our wonderful team, who accompany us and direct us in all the decisions and activities of the organization. First of all, the great Rabbi Israel Golman, who always encouraged us and gave us true perspective of the enormous importance of saving souls, which is, all in all, what we do. To Professor Sam Goldstein who, without any personal interest, invests his time to help the people of Israel. To Dr. Pektorovich, who cares deeply about the success of the organization for the benefit of all of Am Israel. And to the wonderful team of people of great human quality at the organization that accompany us all year round, who bring their soul in help and warmth for each individual as if it were their own children. 

חתימת יו"ר הארגון

Recommendations of the rabbis of the organization and the elders of Israel

"New solutions that work wonders in successfully enabling children to concentrate and thus progress in their studies and life... and for some of them the need to use medication and the like is avoided."
הרב גואלמן כותב המלצה על ארגון הילדים שלנו
Rabbi Israel Goelman Shlita
The president of the organization
Mara De-atra (rabbi with halachic authority) of the Ramot Aleph neighborhood in Jerusalem, Posek Halacha
(legal scholar with halachic authority) and educator.
המלצת הרב גואלמן על ארגון הילדים שלנו
"...and through this organization, makes great strides in advancing children's development."
הרב אשר ווייס
Rabbi Asher Weiss Shlita
Gaon Ab Beit Din "Darkei Horaah", one of the greatest Hhalachic Pposkim (sages in Jewish religious laws) in our generation.

Maranan Gdolei Israel attachment of their signature in support of the organization

רבי חיים קנייבסקי
הרב אהרון לייב שטיינמן זצ"ל

Professional umbrella

The organization is backed by first-class experts and consultants in Israel and around the world 

Sam Goldstein - Chief Advisor

Dr. Sam Goldstein is a neuropsychologist with an international reputation on ADHD. 

Editor of the popular academic journal JAD  
(Journal of Attention Disorders). 

Dr. Sam Goldstein is an Assistant Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Utah School of Medicine. He is clinical director in the Center for Neurological Learning and Behavior. The center conducts assessments, counseling and provides treatment services to 300 individuals and families each year. Dr. Goldstein has authored, co-edited or co-authored over 50 books, including 28 textbooks. His articles are well renowned in the world of medicine and ADHD treatment. 

Dr. Goldstein was possitively impressed by the unique approach of Hayeladim Shelanu; he is happy to be of help regarding the organization’s policy in providing help, diagnosis and treatment advice for children suffering from ADHD. Dr. Goldstein is a person with a warm heart, and he was drawn to help the organization when he met Rabbi Ari Schoenfeld, the chairman of the organization. 

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