Hayeladim Shelanu [Our children] presents:

The book Moach v’Lev

[Mind and Heart]

The book that will help you as parents understand your child’s soul and steer their path on life’s road.

This book is currently available only in Hebrew. Translations into English and into Spanish are on their way.

כריכת הספר מוח ולב

How can we merit to raise our children and students to fulfill their role in this world?

How do we, as parents, guide them to reach their potential?

What is the appropriate approach for parents of children with ADHD?

What is the right way to help children become alive and uplifted?

Does every child have the potential to become a leader and an example to others?

Are privilege points the right way to promote education?

What is considered success when educating a child?

The answers to these and many other questions that trouble you can be found in the book Moach v’Lev

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