The set of treatments

הטיפולים שהארגון בחר לעבוד איתם הם הבטוחים והמתקדמים ביותר,
המומחיות שלנו היא בהתאמת הטיפול הנכון לכל ילד, ובבניית תוכנית עבודה מדויקת,
מה שמאפשר לחולל שיפורים גדולים לטווח ארוך בעז”ה.

NeuroKeshev Therapy

A treatment that trains the brain to control its attention system 

ילדה בטיפול נוירו-דינאמי

NeuroDinami Therapy

A treatment that trains the brain to reduce abnormal neurological activity 

Treatment in Cogni-active courtyard

Focused physical activity, which trains and strengthens weak areas of the brain through practice that combines physical and cognitive activity 

ילדה מתאמנת בטיפול אתגרי מוח

Treatment with brain challenges

Therapy through games, which train important brain functions such as: flexibility, visual memory, auditory memory, selective attention, and more 

Additional service from Hayeladim Shelanu

MOXO test

The MOXO test is an aid in the diagnosis of ADHD, which helps in creating a picture of different functional abilities. 
The test is computerized and is specially usefull to help adjust/monitor the treatment for ADHD. 

The Hayeladim Shelanu organization makes the test accessible and provides a subsidy for those who qualify 

What challenges can be addressed?

קשיי קשב וריכוז

Lack of attention distractions difficulty organizing


Pressure, fear, worry, obsessive thinking


Sadness, despair, lack of motivation 


Anger, fights,
social distancing


Difficulty in restraint, lack of proportion in responses, impatience to listen until the end 


Restlessness, difficulty integrating in class

העצמת יכולות
Capacity building

People with reasonable cognitive abilities, who want to reach high levels of attention and improve their cognitive performance 

יוצרים קש"ר

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