Cogni-active Yard

Cogni-active Yard is a regular class at school with the students’ teacher, accompanied by a trainer from the organization. During the lesson there are physical exercises, which train the children to develop several skills and physical abilities that develop cognitive abilities and learning skills. 

In every classroom, in every school in the world, there are differences in developmental levels between children. 
We are all aware of the clear gaps that can exist between children in the classroom, both cognitive and in the children’s motor skills. 
Therefore, an ordinary teacher, who may be the most dedicated in the world, does not necessarily have the tools to provide all children with the learning material in an equal way.  
The goal of the Cogni-active Yard, through the unique practice of the joint activity, is to identify those children who “fall between the cracks”, and to work with them to improve their motor, thinking, and perceptual abilities, thereby raising the educational level of the entire class by this means. 
Based on many years of experience in several institutions with dozens of classrooms, there is a large and clear improvement in the academic level of a class that participated in the Cogni-Active Yard compared to a corresponding class that did not participate in the program. 

What are we working on?

Actually, developing a child’s physical skills also enhances their cognitive abilities in learning and comprehension in the classroom. 

Example: A 7-year-old child who struggles to understand the teacher can improve his cognitive abilities through coordination exercises that require quick thinking and physical accuracy. By age 10, this child will be able to cope properly even with the complex learning of the Talmud. 

To fully understand how the exercises work, it is recommended to read the Function Pyramid.

What do you do in the "Cogni-active Yard"?

Cogni-active Yard is a regular class at school with the students’ teacher, accompanied by a trainer from the organization. During the lesson physical exercises take place, which train the children to develop a number of skills and physical abilities that develop cognitive abilities and learning skills. 

The first stage in the Cogni-active Yard is identifying students with developmental delays (even slight) in motor, emotional or cognitive skills, and setting the goals of the activity. 

The second stage is directing the activity according to the students’ level. From an observer’s perspective, the exercises may appear as just a nice activity (resembling playground games during breaks between lessons…), but our exercises are designed after careful consideration and planning, aimed at challenging children where they struggle. 

Why wasn't there a "Cogni-active Yard" in previous generations and now we need one?

We can’t compare our generation to previous ones, nor do we have the means to understand how they lived and how they raised their children. However, we can focus on several differences in the upbringing environment in which our children grow compared to previous generations: 

Today, we live in urban environments with urban construction, generally dense and multi-story. 

Our children’s playground is typically the parking lot near their home, or alternatively, the floor of their room. Urban children today lack the open spaces, trees, and challenges that accompany a rural environment or a less crowded city. Conversely, most children spend time within four walls, and less healthily, spend long hours in front of a computer or any other screen they are engrossed in. 

Even a child who engages in quality thinking games greatly develops large areas of the brain. However, other areas, developed through slightly complex physical activity, are generally neglected during childhood. 

To these facts, it’s worth adding that nowadays there is almost no serious physical activity to maintain health (both for children and adults). We increasingly use cars and machines and less and less make use of our feet and hands. If we walk or climb, or lift loads, which encourages positive physical activity (incorporating cognitive effort alongside) that builds and develops critical areas of the brain for growth and flourishing. 

The “Cognitive-active Yard” exercises focus on completing these deficiencies and provide an answer for those undeveloped areas. 

The goals we will work on in treatment

חציית קו אמצע
Midline crossing
איפוק תגובה מיידית
Immediate response inhibition
התמצאות במרחב
Spatial orientation
ביטחון עצמי
Self confidence
שיוווי משקל
תכנון תנועה
Movement planning
העתקת משקל הגוף
Body weight transfer
מודעות גוף
Body awareness
מיומנות שיתוף
Sharing skils
מיומנות תיזמון
Timing skill
קוארדינציה עין-יד יד-רגל
Eye-hand, eye-foot coordination

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Dear Director of an institution: you can add our activities to the activity calendar at your institution. For more details about the program, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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