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The Hayeladim Shelanu organization is expanding and invites you to join our staff

Join us for an exciting and stimulating job helping others with neuroscience’s unique tools, which have proven themselves in the field, and that have been adopted by the organization.

Mission-oriented work

Helping children and adults thrive

Work with financial stability

Great for those with a good approach towards neurodiverse individuals

Work with flexibility

Plan your own convenient work hours

A job with a team that is dedicated and caring

In an atmosphere of mutual and unique support

Who is this course suitable for?

Job application

We are periodically expanding with the establishment of additional branches throughout Israel and Mexico, as is the audience that needs our unique service.

You can join our team through our training courses. You can decide to work part-time or full-time, depending on your availability.

Should you be interested in this great opportunity, you can apply using the following form.

It is crucial to fill in the details accurately so you can show us your potential.

How can I join?

Fill in the suitability questionnaire Download the suitability questionnaire

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